Let's warm
The world

Let's warm
The world

SWANY was born in Shiratori, a local industrial area in Kagawa Prefecture known for glove manufacturing.
SWANY began as a company that provided cutting for cold-weather gloves. From the 1960s, SWANY began proactively developing overseas markets, particularly in North America and Europe. Today, our technological capabilities cultivated over our many years as a dedicated glove manufacturer help us support top athletes around the world.

SWANY operations do not end with providing high-quality, pleasant gloves.
We have developed a wide range of products developed in kindness for all, including a support bag that eases the fatigue of walking and one of the world’s most compact wheelchairs boasting functionality and comfort.

“Your perfectly-fitting gloves helped me win a medal.”
“Your reliable bag has made my walks so enjoyable.”
“Your maneuverable wheelchair is so convenient it has made movement much easier.”

We receive some 8,000 letters of appreciation. Every time we view these letters, we are reminded of the warmth we provide through our products.

SWANY will continue contributing to human innovation and advancement by using proprietary technology and knowledge to provide happiness and inspiration to people all over the world.

We want to provide this warmth to people all over the world.

Company Credo

  • For self

    Achieving profits and prosperity for our employees and their families.

  • For society

    We will continue to respond to the expectations of our customers, business partners, and shareholders, and continue to contribute to society.

  • For the world

    Using proprietary technology and knowledge to contribute to human innovation and advancement.


  • Energetic greetings

    We practice energetic greetings to promote a company full of smiles.

  • Gratitude

    We always express “thank you” verbally.

  • Humility

    We embrace the humility of our beginnings and act with confidence.

  • Challenge

    We continuously challenge ourselves to achieve new growth.

  • Team work

    We respect, value, and cooperate with our fellow team members.

  • Open innovation

    We strive for a stimulating company that promotes the free sharing of ideas.

  • Manufacturing

    We create products that are loved to provide joy and inspiration.

  • Global

    We look beyond our borders and walk hand-in-hand with our global partners.

  • Genuine

    We respect the opinions of those around us and act with genuine intentions.

  • Reform

    We identify new possibilities to achieve continuous reform.

Swany's Charter

  • 顧客満⾜をイメージしたアイコン

    Customer satisfaction

    We will provide customers inspiration and happiness, and provide only safe and high-quality products.

  • 公明正⼤をイメージしたアイコン

    Fairness and justice

    We adhere to the law and engage in fair and free competition.

  • 情報公開をイメージしたアイコン

    Information disclosure

    We provide appropriate information disclosure to employees, shareholders, and stakeholders.

  • ⾃由闊達をイメージしたアイコン

    Open innovation

    We provide a work environment that promotes autonomy and creativity.

  • 環境保全をイメージしたアイコン

    Environmental conservation

    We are environmentally conscious and work towards resource conservation and efficient use.

  • 社会貢献をイメージしたアイコン

    Social contributions

    We proactively engage in local society and industrial activities.

  • ⼈権尊重をイメージしたアイコン

    Respect for human rights

    We do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, creed, gender, social status, age, or disability.

  • 国際事業をイメージしたアイコン

    International business

    We respect local laws and promote business activities with a respect for local cultures and customs.


I myself have been in the business world for more than 30 years now, and I feel that the distance between us and the rest of the world is definitely getting closer.
Thanks to the development of telecommunications and various devices, we now live in a society where we can communicate with any country and any people in the world at any time and share a variety of information almost on time.
I imagine that it will be much easier to understand each other's environment and customs in countries that we used to think were distant from us, and in regions and people that we used to feel out of touch with.

With a history of over 80 years in Higashi-Kagawa City, known as a glove production center, Swany Corporation has grown based on the passion for manufacturing, global thinking, and the pioneering spirit of venturing into unknown markets that our predecessors have established.
Our passion for manufacturing and global mindset have earned us the support of our customers both in Japan and overseas, not only for gloves that are a familiar item for protection against the cold, but also for gear that supports the performance of athletes of all kinds.
The development of SWANY BAG, which started from the desire to help people with disabilities and the elderly to move around and live comfortably, was a challenge to a completely unknown market.
We are confident that our passion for manufacturing, Global mindset, and Challenge spirit for new unknown market can take another leap forward and grow in a global environment that has become closer than ever before.

Delivering warmness to the world

With these words, which are our company's purpose, we will continue to strive to become a more global company.

Hirofumi Koso

President and representative director

Let's warm the world together