Fashion Division

Dressing smartly, also warms your heart.

The Fashion Division is responsible for planning/proposition, production management, and sales of fashion accessories such as fashion gloves and scarfs. By working to pick up on global fashion trends early on and creating products that fit in with those emerging trends, we receive a great deal of acclaim not only for our Swany brand products, but also for products created for domestic and overseas fashion brands.

We place emphasis on the “team merchandizing” approach. With our team-based framework that allows us to carry out all work processes relating to planning, production, distribution, and retail in a comprehensive manner, we are able to gather and bring together useful information and knowhow to utilize in the development of our products. We are proud of the fact that it is sales staff members themselves who are responsible for the conception of our gloves, and the materials and fashionableness of our gloves will remain at the cutting-edge of global fashion.

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    Planning and design capabilities

    We release new products each year, keeping our finger on the pulse of emerging fashion trends. This doesn’t only apply to Swany brand products—we also work closely with domestic and overseas customers on the production of new products.

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    Our company-operated factory

    Since we carry out production at our company-operated factory overseas we are very thorough with production management. Quality maintenance and accurate delivery management help build customer trust.

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    Sales staff

    Our sales staff, who have in-depth knowledge of both fashion trends and gloves, are also responsible for devising our products. They are able to provide precise answers to questions from customers no matter what those question may be.