Hoping to create heart-warming relationships.

We believe that when we are able to imagine what someone is like in concrete terms, we are better able to understand them and build a more ideal relationship with them. It is our hope that each staff member who builds relationships with customers engages with them in a heartfelt manner. First let’s hear the views of the president of Swany Corporation on this.

Tsukasa Itano,
President and representative director

Tsukasa Itano,
President and representative director
What is your personal motto?
My motto is “Value the relationships you already have”, which is taken from a book by Shinran called the “Lamentations of Divergences”.
This means helping to bring happiness to people with whom you have relationships, and the spirit of helping to make those who are close to you happy while at the same time putting your own self first.
Are there any new challenges you are hoping to take on?
I would like to further expand our business in Europe and Asia.

Are there any rules or routines that you impose on yourself?

I make sure I study English every day.

What is it that you, as president, are conscious about doing or that you consider important?
Valuing my own self. It is only by valuing oneself that we can value others.
Is there anyone you respect highly?
Konosuke Matsushita and Etsuo Miyoshi (Swany Corporation’s senior advisor)

What were you like as a child?

I was a free-spirited child. I played outside a lot, and I don’t think I studied very much.

Is there anything that you feel has changed since becoming president?
I don’t think anything about me has changed, but I think the way people react to me has changed since I became president.
How did you feel when first joining the company?
I joined the company when I was 30. At the time, I felt extremely conflicted. I worked hard but I felt troubled about the fact that I was the son-in-law of the president.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are activities that involve getting my body moving: Karate, weight training, mountain climbing, and marathons (I begin training for marathons after registering for each race).

Do you have any special skills?

Making funny faces….

How do you relieve stress?
Window shopping.
How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
I’m a person with ideas and energy.
Is there anything you are afraid of?
Pointed criticism from the senior advisor, and from my wife.

Of the countries or regions that you have visited, are there any that you particularly like or would like to visit again?


When are you best able to relax?
When I’m having a bath and just let my mind drift.
Is there anything that troubles personally you these days?

You are always dressed smartly. What aspects of fashion do you place emphasis on?

The kinds of pants I wear.
For me, fashion is all about my pants.

What kind of company do you think Swany is?
A passionate, teamwork-based company.
What are you most proud of as president of Swany?
The company culture. The lack of internal divisions, the spirit of taking on challenges, and teamwork, are all unseen strengths of ours.
What kind of company do you want to Swany to be?
A good company. By “good company”, I mean one in which employees are enthusiastic about their work and one that is able to sustain a robust level of profitability.
What do Swany’s employees mean to you?
They are like family members, and at the same time they are also like friendly rivals who motivate me to always do better.